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Designed to assist the patient from early parallel bar use to a full Infinity Walk progression of sensorimotor, cognitive-language and other multi-tasking skills while maintaining attention and balance.

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         "When I started developing Infinity Walk theory and method back in the mid-1980's, my initial focus was on its psychotherapy benefits, and Infinity Walk's value in value in value in early education and special education.

        Today Infinity Walk is used in pre-schools and nursing homes alike, and has both self-help and clinical treatment versions, as well as an Infinity Riding version.

        Infinity Walk is used by clinicians in occupational therapy,  physical therapy, developmental optometry and vision therapy, speech therapy, and neuro-rehabilitation. My invention of Infinity WalkAbout rail systems was a response to this need. 

        Educators all over the world have brought Infinity Walk to their schools. Infinity Walk is time-cost effective; is easily assimilated into clinical and educational programs; and, can be seamlessly implemented  across languages and cultures.

        I welcome your feedback and success stories. Send them to sunbeck@infinitywalk.org  "    

Warm Regards,
   Deborah Sunbeck, PhD


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Clinical Practice, 6 or 12 hrs

Allied Healthcare, Rehab.

OT, PT, OD, SLP, Nursing


This workshop introduces Infinity Walk Method's broad range of use with patients, clients and students from pre-school to geriatric settings. Infinity Walk Method's broad application across age, client factors, context and skill level is possible because of the method's

1) progressive developmental approach, easily modified for remedial and other special needs;

2) a just-right incremental learning and intrinsic rewards;

3) psycho-social benefits, with a sensitive collaboration between therapist and patient;

5) quick ongoing assessment that informs the therapist while motivating the patient; and,

6) seamless team approach  for allied health rehab providers.

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