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Health care professionals may use this booklet to quickly introduce Infinity Walk as part of an assessment or as an introduction to assigning Infinity Walk home practice. This "About Infinity Walk" booklet has descriptive color photos and illustrations; a medical restriction check-list; a page to write method modifications or set goals for your patients; a diagram of an Infinity Walk figure-eight course to use as a visual-spatial aid for home-practice instructions; and more.

This booklet may be copied. It may not be altered, but your clinic/institution may personalize a cover for the booklet and include office contact information. The booklet is comprised of two folded 8.5 x 11 inch sheets of paper, making eight pages. The booklet is emailed in electronic PDF format, and should be copied as a color 2-sided document and folded in half.  Use a third sheet of folded paper to create a cover. Staple at fold.

Who May Receive This Electronic Download?

This information booklet about Infinity Walk is offered to health care professionals who practice under the authority of government regulated licensing and certifications. In the US these are the health professions that requires state licensing. They include the clinical practice of medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, developmental optometry; speech therapy; clinical psychology; and chiropractic. These professions receive training in ethics; the limits of their abilities; contraindications to treatment; when to refer a patient on and to what specialty; and, either maintain malpractice insurance or work for an institution that maintains malpractice insurance for them. They are considered qualified to represent themselves as responsible for the care of persons who might practice a modified version of Infinity Walk as part of a medical treatment.

This booklet identifies the person who is providing it to others as a clinician who the patient should refer questions to, and who is qualified to make medical modifications to the Infinity Walk method. It therefore cannot be offered as a general resource to be downloaded from the website.

How Do You Get A Copy?

Complete this simple form and be sure to provide all the information. A copy of the brochure will be sent to the e-mail address provided.

Last Name


First Name




State/Province Issuing License


E-Mail Address


The booklet will only be sent by return email to the email address that you specify.  We are happy to provide this booklet to you and we are sure you understand why we are not able to provide it as an immediate electronic download.

*Misrepresenting oneself as a medical professional is a crime.

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