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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Infinity Walk Copyrights, Trademarks and Patent Protection

Infinity Walk materials are all copyrighted protected. In addition, Infinity Walk is a protected registered trademark. The Infinity Walk method is also patent protected against misuse by any commercial attachment of the method to products that are not endorsed by Dr. Sunbeck. Infinity Walk name recognition may not be misrepresented and the Infinity Walk method may not be changed in name to conceal the source of the method. Always cite Dr. Sunbeck and the Infinity Walk resource when referring to the method and materials.

Do Health Care Professionals Need Permission to use the Infinity Walk Method?

Any government/state licensed medical professional or health care professional working under the license of a health care agency or school district may use Infinity Walk within the allowed expertise of their license or employment job description. No professional is protected from misuse of the method within or outside of his or her established area of expertise.

Is There Training Available that Certifies Non-Professionals to Operate a Professional Infinity Walk Training or Consultation Business?

No; and there never has been. Training in Infinity Walk must be applied to only a person’s area of pre-established professional expertise. Infinity Walk training does not include training in a profession; it focuses on professionals adding the method to their current work setting. Claims of expertise in Infinity Walk are not to be made in order to generate business or a business advantage. Employed child caretakers and classroom aides must be trained and supervised by their workplace’s professionals who assume Infinity Walk competence as part of their professional expertise. A parent, of course, may teach Infinity Walk to their own children, and Infinity Walk volunteers are usually welcomed in schools and not-for-profit agencies, where they will assist in various ways under proper supervision.

Are There Contraindications for Infinity Walk Training or Practice?

There is always the possibility of contradictions for any physical movement or activity. Generally, if a child is medically cleared for unlimited playground use or unlimited participation in sports then they will also be medically cleared for Infinity Walk training and practice; but when in doubt, ask a medical professional. The USE IN HEALTH CARE section of this website will explain more about medical modifications for special needs. You will also find a Medical Release form there to download and take to your doctor, if you have any doubt at all about whether or how to use Infinity Walk. School nurses will have health files on each child, and should check for any need of Infinity Walk modifications for a student.

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